ESL will return in-person teaching for level 1 and level 2 classes on 2 November at 9:30-11:00am. The following are the requirements for those who want to join:

  • Fully vaccinated – You will need to show vaccination certificates when you arrive
  • Wear face-mask during the class
  • Check-in with Service NSW

英文班的第一级和第二级将在11月2日早上9:30-11:00恢复面对面授课, 参与者必须遵守以下的规则:

  • 打完两针新冠疫苗 – 请出示打针證明书
  • 带口罩
  • 使用Service NSW的扫码登记

Level 3 Class will continue on Zoom. The Zoom link: 第三级将继续以网课的形式进行, 网站链接: (Zoom Id: 88192237619)

Please note 请注意: Due to privacy concerns, there is no recording of the online sessions. 由於隐私问题,网课不设录影。

The following is material for you to download. 下面是给你下载和打印的材料。

Please use the following form to let us know you are coming, and ask us questions. 请用以下的表格登记, 查询和与我们联络